Our innovative range of onboard curved rail lubricants are designed for application via onboard wheel flange lubrication systems, delivering targeted lubrication to the gauge face of the rail to protect the wheel / rail interface. 

The lateral forces exerted between the wheel flange and rail place particular strain on curved sections of track, and without effective lubrication this impact can be costly. Research from Sid & Wolf in America found that ineffective lubrication led to wear and friction at the wheel-rail interface, costing more than $2 billion each year to maintain. 

In 2004, more than $10 billion was spent on rail transit system maintenance due to poor lubrication in the USA. If lubrication is not efficient or continuous, then the coefficient of friction varies, often resulting in extensive and costly wear in badly lubricated areas.

Onboard Spray Lubricant

An innovative curved rail lubrication solution for tram systems, our EcoCurve Onboard 000 gauge face lubricant delivers a consistent spray pattern and volume across EcoCurve Onboard 000’s full operating temperature range, proven through rigorous OEM testing.

An optimised and high performance trainborne curved rail lubrication solution for metro and commuter rail networks. EcoCurve Onboard 00 M gauge face lubricant is an NLGI 00 rail lubricant that includes solid additives for an additional layer of wear protection and extreme pressure performance.

Onboard Stick Lubricant

Claretech EcoStick WFS is an environmentally friendly wheel flange stick lubricant, compatible with stick lubrication systems that are mounted to the train’s bogie to continually apply precise lubrication to the wheels and reduce wear at the wheel/rail interface.   

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For use in on-board spray equipment wherever there is a requirement for high performance and environmentally sensitive products. Particularly suited to sensitive and highly visible urban sites.


An NLGI 00 lubricant for metro and commuter rail. For use in on-board spray equipment wherever there is a requirement for environmentally sensitive products with additional wear protection and high performance capabilities.


High performance, environmentally friendly wheel flange stick lubricant for use in on-board bogie mounted wheel flange lubrication systems where stick lubricants are the customers preferred lubrication solution.

Solid Stick

Case Study

The West Midlands Metro had ongoing issues with noise complaints, particularly where the track ran close to urban areas like Birmingham's City Centre.

Having trialled a range of alternative wheel flange greases with little success, the Track Maintenance Manager initiated a trial of EcoCurve Onboard in their CAF Urbo3 trams Bijur Delimon onboard spray systems.

Download Our Rail Lubrication Brochure

Our range of Rail friction management solutions includes Ecolabel accredited curved rail grease, top of rail friction modifiers, gauge face greases, lubricants for infrastructure and application equipment. 

Explore our full range of high-performance rail lubricants in our Rail Lubrication brochure.

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Read our green grease guide to find out more about how environmental performance is defined and measured for rail greases, and understand the importance of environmentally friendly lubricants for track lubrication. 


“We compared our incumbent wheel flange stick lubricant with this soy-based stick in a comparative field trial over a 10 month period on one of our rolling stock where there are 12 applicators fitted. Over this period the trial found that we used the equivalent of 3 sticks per train / per month of the Eco Stick, compared with 21.6 sticks per train / per month of the molybdenum-based stick we had been using. The savings opportunity was overwhelming.”


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