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To help you get the best possible results from our range of advanced formula lubricants, RS Clare also supplies a comprehensive range of equipment and supporting products.

To deliver optimum application time after time, each and every piece of kit has also been designed to be both economic and time saving. By reducing both product use and man-hours, RS Clare equipment is an investment that delivers ongoing savings,

Easy-to-use and extremely effective, our equipment ensures that you get maximum value from every product application.

Switchblade Wear Protection Kit

The most common application for this equipment is the lubrication of switch blades and associated rail infrastructure to prevent excessive wear.

The kit includes 2 x Jumbo Lubers, a GDU with Rail Clamps and a 3-into-1 connector.

GaugeShield® from Loram is an intelligent trackside gauge face lubrication system that senses the passing of train wheels over the systems durable sensors and automatically dispenses a controlled quantity of grease to the gauge face of the rail. The GaugeShield® gauge face application system creates a smooth interaction between the gauge face of the rail and the wheel flange to improve steering and to reduce noise.

TracShield® is the industry’s leading trackside top of rail friction management system, applying precise amounts of top of rail friction modifiers. Versatile, precise and durable, TracShield® senses the passing of train wheels over the systems durable sensors and automatically dispenses a controlled amount of friction modifier to the top of the rail.

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Claretech Bio Degreaser

Readily BIODEGRADABLE, water-soluble DEGREASER. Ideal for trackside maintenance.

P80 CL

High quality CLAMPLOCK lubricant - contains solid lubricant and extreme pressure additives together with a highly effective corrosion inhibitor package.

Compression Spray Unit

Backpack applicator for sprayable products, e.g. All Seasons P-Way: 'fan' spray head, all plastic 'safe' lance, 10 litre capacity.

Jumbo Luber

Easy to fit auto - dispense grease canister. Replacement part for Switchblade Wear Protection Kit and Check Rail Noise Reduction Kit.

Switchblade Wear Protection Kit

A cost effective lubrication solution for switchblades and associated rail infrastructure to reduce wear. Includes 2 jumbo lubers, GDU with rail clamps and a 3-into-1 connector.

Download Our Rail Lubricants Brochure

Our range of Rail friction management solutions includes Ecolabel accredited curved rail grease, top of rail friction modifiers, gauge face greases, lubricants for infrastructure and application equipment. 

Explore our full range of high-performance rail lubricants in our Rail Lubricants brochure.

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