In climates that experience large temperature fluctuations between seasons, traditionally two different gauge face greases are used; a winter grade and a summer grade. Typically, winter grades of curved rail grease used in trackside lubricators are a lower viscosity and NLGI grade to ensure the grease is pumpable and lubricators do not block in colder temperatures. In contrast to this, summer grades of rail grease are a higher NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) grade and more viscous to enable them to form a good bead structure on the GDU (Grease Delivery Unit or ‘bar’), minimise fling off and extend carry down performance in warmer temperatures. Both winter and summer grease grades are formulated specifically to meet the challenges of their core operating temperature range. 

Using two separate grease grades is not ideal as it creates additional complexity, increased maintenance and administrative costs with increased risk of using the wrong product at the wrong time of year. Unseasonably high or low temperatures can also affect performance greatly, for example a cold snap in spring when a network has changed over to summer grade can create issues with pumpability, or conversely, a warm front in late autumn can result in the winter grade grease not being firm enough to form a good bead structure for train wheels to collect and carry down the track. 

To solve this problem, RS Clare has developed a range of greases which are extremely temperature stable, resulting in very consistent performance across all seasons. The EcoCurve range of all-season curved rail lubricants use specially formulated grease thickeners and base oils to increase stability in all temperatures and enable networks to use one grease grade all year round, removing the complexity, cost and risks associated with using multiple grades. The EcoCurve range also carries the European Ecolabel, meaning its biodegradable, non-toxic and non-bio accumulative which is crucial in this total loss rail application system. 

If you are still using multiple grease grades for different seasons, get in contact and see how our EcoCurve range of all-season rail curve greases can transform the way you lubricate your track. 

Our EcoCurve Range of High Performance All Seasons Curved Rail Lubricants


EcoCurve Trackside is an environmentally friendly all-seasons curved rail lubricant appropriate for use in all types of trackside lubricators, delivering consistently high-performance across an operating temperature range of -40°C to 120°C. Designed to protect the gauge corner, EcoCurve Trackside is also suitable for lubricating switchplates and check rails.

EcoCurve High Mobility is a unique and innovative, all-seasons curved rail grease designed specifically to provide increased pumpability in trackside applications where there are greater distances between lubricators and grease dispensing units (GDU) than typically encountered, like narrow tunnels or bridges, supported by a temperature stable operating range of -40°C to 80°C. 


EcoCurve Onboard is a high performance, innovative, all-seasons gauge face lubrication solution designed for application via on-board wheel flange lubricators / ‘spray equipment’. Formulated to meet the unique challenges of onboard application and ensure optimal, consistent protection at the wheel/rail interface in operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C.

An optimised and high performance trainborne curved rail lubrication solution for metro and commuter rail networks. EcoCurve Onboard 00 M gauge face lubricant is an NLGI 00 rail lubricant that includes solid additives for an additional layer of wear protection and extreme pressure performance in all-seasons.

Features and Benefits

Complex Viscosity Vs. Temperature for All Seasons Curved Rail Grease

EcoCurve Heavy Haul curved rail lubricant is a premium quality, high-performance grease specially formulated for the heavy rail traffic of Class 1 railroads and freight rail networks. 

The Rheology profile below compares the complex viscosity against temperature for Claretech EcoCurve Heavy Haul (blue) and a more conventional rail grease (red). The flatter profile of the blue curve shows that the all-seasons EcoCurve Heavy Haul grease is much more stable across a wide temperature range, meaning it will pump more consistently, not cavitate in the reservoir and it will form more a consistent bead structure on the GDU (Grease Delivery Unit). You can see that the conventional rail grease (red) is more viscous at temperatures below 0°C but then quickly softens as the temperature reaches 20°C and beyond, meaning it could be difficult to pump in the winter and perhaps too soft to form good bead structures in the summer, resulting in inconsistent performance across the changing seasons.  

Complex Viscosity Vs Temperature - All Seasons Curved Rail Greases Perform Better Than Winter / Summer Seasonal Grease Grades

Case Study

Chicago City Transport (CTA) were experiencing problems with rain washing the grease off the track, leaving the rail without lubrication. This led to significant rail squeal issues when the trains navigated a particular curve, garnering noise complaints due to the location of the track and level of noise.

CTA's preference is to only have engineers on track for essential maintenance works and as an interim solution their lubrication team were having to manually apply lubricant on track as a back-up measure, and this was not a viable solution.

Product Selector

Product Description Delivery Method Download TDS

Claretech EcoCurve Trackside

For use in trackside curved rail lubricators, wherever there is a requirement for high performance and environmentally sensitive products.


Claretech EcoCurve High Mobility

For use in centralised distribution trackside lubricators. All the technical and environmental performance of EcoCurve Trackside, but designed to provide pumpability through narrow bores and long pipe runs whilst still forming a firm grease bead at the GDU.


Claretech EcoCurve Onboard 000

For use in on-board spray equipment wherever there is a requirement for high performance and environmentally sensitive products. Particularly suited to sensitive and high visibility urban sites


Claretech EcoCurve Onboard 00 M

An NLGI 00 lubricant for metro and commuter rail. For use in on-board spray equipment wherever there is a requirement for environmentally sensitive products with additional wear protection and high performance capabilities.


Download Our Rail Lubrication Brochure

Our range of Rail friction management solutions includes Ecolabel accredited curved rail grease, top of rail friction modifiers, gauge face greases, lubricants for infrastructure and application equipment. 

Explore our full range of high-performance rail lubricants in our Rail Lubrication brochure.

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Our EcoCurve range of curved rail greases offer consistently high performance all year round and in all seasons, delivering enhanced protection to extend wheel and rail life, but also reduce the time spent on track for maintenance and the associated costs.  

As well as their all-seasons performance capabilities, our EcoCurve range of rail lubricants are EU Ecolabel certified and compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmentally Safe Lubricants Scheme. 

Contact us to discuss your operational challenges or arrange a field trial.


Read our green grease guide to find out more about how environmental performance is defined and measured for rail greases, and understand the importance of environmentally friendly lubricants for track lubrication. 




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