The Valve Sealant 701 range of products provides superior sealing performance for leaking gate valves. Designed to further expand on the sealing performance that has been achieved with Valve Lubricant 601TM, Valve Sealant 701 is a corrective maintenance solution with the capability to seal leaking gate valves where previous attempts have failed.

Gate valves leak when there is damage across the sealing surfaces of the gate or seats, in the form of galling, scoring or cutting, and the severity of the damage is key to how well a certain lubricant or sealant will perform. Valve Sealant 701’s sealing particles help to fill the damaged area and assisting the valve to hold pressure across the seal system so that operations can continue with limited down time.

Field Proven for the Emergency Isolation of Leaking Gate Valves:

Industry Recognition

The significant performance success of Valve Sealant 701 has led to a major IOC implementing a formal technical procedure for establishing well barrier integrity using 701. In addition, a major valve OEM has classed the product as an important valve sealing tool to have available for all wellhead workover jobs, where a leaking valve may be encountered.

Reducing Operational Costs

701 is guaranteed to reduce the operational costs associated with leaking valves. When planning your intervention job, where you will require integral well barriers, ensure you have Valve Sealant 701 and a suitable RS Clare spec pump system BEFORE YOU START THE JOB.

Enhanced Sealing Capabilities

The sealing performance of 701 is documented in Pressure Test Workshop Report and Case Study Field reports. For more information please contact us and a member of our technical team will be in touch.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and acknowledge your support and co-operation to help us in achieving the healthy status of our wells with Valve Sealant 701”

Product Selector

Product Temp Range °F Download TDS

Valve Sealant 701

0°F to 350°F

Valve Sealant 701-L

0°F to 350°F

*Prior to injecting 701/701-L, the Operator should identify the exact make, model and pressure rating of the gate valve, and confirm the arrangement of the sealant injection fitting(s) in the valve’s bonnet

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