The Valve Lubricant 601TM range is one of the Industry’s most successful and most widely used gate valve lubricant ranges. It was designed to provide exceptional performance across the widest range of well operating conditions, processes and equipment applications. 601 holds a large library of case studies, field success testimonials and performance reports and is widely acknowledged across the industry by Field Operators, Drilling Contractors, Well Intervention and Workover Companies. It is approved by several leading API 6A OEMs and holds the most approvals for any single product grade.

Valve Lubricant 601TM delivers operational cost savings across key areas by achieving:

Cost Effective Performance

Valve Lubricant 601TM’s hydrocarbon resistance gives it the ability to remain in the valve cavity and ensure operational protection to the valve’s critical internal components. By protecting the gate and seat, the sealing surfaces remain in good condition, and ensure the valve can deliver an integral ‘metal to metal’ seal when closed. The high performance lubricating ability of 601TM not only protects the interfacing seal surfaces, often moving relatively under high contact stress, but also lubrication of the non-rising stem thread on manually actuated valves.

Unbeatable Cavity Retention

The physical texture of 601TM is such that it delivers an effective blocking barrier, when completely filled in the valve cavity. This has been proven to be extremely beneficial in well testing operations where high sand production is often encountered. In frac operations, there is potential for ingress of proppant media during injection and sand during flow-back, which can cause major valve problems. 601TM has been field proven to remain in the valve cavity, reducing ingress of contaminants dramatically and delivering significant valve performance benefits

Enhanced Sealing Capabilities

Valve Lubricant 601TM performs effectively when there is some leakage across the valve, indicating damage to the seal surfaces. Field experience shows that in 65 – 75% of cases of leaking valves, 601TM helps operators achieve a zero leak-off rate.


“We were pleased with how quickly 601TM stopped the leaking on the valves we trialled and we're using this in all of our UMV's to protect the valves from damage and minimise the risk of leaking in the future.”

Well Intervention Supervisor, BP - UAE

Product Selector

Product Temp Range Minimum Pumpable Temperature* Download TDS

Valve Lubricant 601TM

-20°F to 450°F


Valve Lubricant 601TM WG

-40°F to 300°F


*Pumpability temperatures refer to reasonable flow rates when using the RS Clare 70:1 Pump System. Click here to view our pump range.

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Read some of our latest case studies to find out more about how we have helped solve valve integrity issues to deliver well integrity for our customers in some of the most challenging service conditions throughout the world.




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