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Building on the high-performance technology of Valve Lubricant 601TM, Valve Lubricant 601WG delivers improved pumpability at cold temperatures and an operating temperature range down to -40°F (-40°C).

Valve Lubricant 601WG has been field proven all over the world in gate, plug and ball valves used in crude oil, natural gas production and pipeline equipment. It is particularly suited for use where sour crude and gas, acids, sand slurries and difficult condensates are encountered.

Stand out features and benefits of Valve Lubricant 601 WGTM

6 Essential Attributes You Need From A Gate Valve Lubricant

Performance Under Pressure

Designed specifically to provide improved pumpability in low operating temperatures, Valve Lubricant 601WG also features high-performance technology from our market leading Valve Lubricant 601TM valve grease. Its hydrocarbon resistance means it will not be broken down or dissolved by any produced fluids from the reservoir, protecting critical valve components. As well as this, the 601WG is also resistant to drying out and hardening, even under extreme temperatures and pressures.

Market Leading Cavity Retention for a Low Temperature Grease

Valve Lubricant 601WG offers a perfect solution for conflicting operational needs where the customer requires excellent low temperature pumpability and low valve actuation torque levels whilst maintaining superior valve cavity retention.

Many low temperature greases are to easily displaced from the valve cavity by the produced fluids, leaving the valve unprotected and at risk of damage. 601 WG maintains its adhesive and cohesive strength to remain in the valve cavity and protect the valve components.

Highly Resistant

The Valve Lubricant 601WG is proven to be resistant to a wide range of elements and potentially problematic substances. These include the most common concerns of:


“Many thanks for your efforts for us. Using Valve Lubricant 601WG we have successfully secured the well causing us the biggest headache at Changbei-Chang 2.”

Changbei Well Services Team Leader, Shell

Product Selector

Product Temp Range Minimum Pumpable Temperature* Download TDS

Valve Lubricant 601TM WG

-40°F to 300°F


-20°F to 450°F


*Pumpability temperatures refer to reasonable flow rates when using the RS Clare 70:1 Pump System. Click here to view our pump range.

Download Our Oil & Gas Lubricants Brochure

Our range of advanced lubricants for the Oil and Gas industry have been proven to deliver increased valve integrity, enhanced functionality and a more cost effective operation for our customers around the globe.

Explore our full range of premium oil and gas lubricants and sealants in our Oil and Gas brochure where you can read more about the Valve Lubricant 601WG and the rest of our innovative product ranges.

Case Studies

Read some of our latest case studies to find out more about how we have helped solve valve integrity issues to deliver well integrity for our customers in some of the most challenging service conditions throughout the world.




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