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Plug valves play a critical role in ensuring flow control in high pressure fluid systems. Valve failures which compromise the efficiency of an operation can result in unexpected downtime, production or process time losses and can increase operational costs significantly. Effective maintenance of plug valves is critical and a significant part of valve maintenance involves greasing the valves to properly seal and lubricate them and provide sustained operating protection.

RS Clare is a global market leader in specialty valve lubricants and Claretech PVS-AD is the latest high performing valve grease designed specifically for plug valve applications. It has been developed in response to feedback from the market that the ‘stick’ type sealants, which are commonly used, sometimes do not provide all the necessary attributes required to protect, seal and adequately lubricate the valve’s internal components.

Developed as an alternative to 'stick' type sealants that don't always adequately lubricate the valve's internal components:

Increased Sealing Capability

Claretech PVS-AD has enhanced sealing capability compared to some commonly selected grades of stick sealants, as proven in back to back testing during high pressure valve testing program (report available). This is both the case in new valves, where the seal components are in perfect condition, but more importantly when there is damage to the faces of the seal components. Debris or hard contaminants within the flowing fluids, and poor lubrication can cause abrasive and adhesive wear on the plug and seats components. Such damage creates leak pathways resulting in the valve unable to reliably shut-off and maintain a leak tight seal. Claretech PVS-AD can be injected in the field to assist a compromised plug valve generate an integral seal, potentially saving significant downtime.

Coating of Internal Valve Componenets

The consistency and texture of Claretech PVS-AD is a degree softer than the typical stick sealants, which have a harder or firmer texture. When PVS-AD is injected into the plug valve it flows exceptionally well through the channels to coat all the surfaces of the plug and seats, creating an excellent lubricating and sealing film.

(A video comparison is available upon request).

Unique Water Thickening Technology

Most greases soften when mixed with water, Claretech PVS-AD is uniquely designed to thicken slightly, further enhancing its adhesion and cohesion inside the valve to continue to provide optimal performance and protection. This feature is highly beneficial for plug valves in frac operations.

Hydrocarbon & Chemically Resistant

Fully resistant to produced liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and chemicals such as H2S, CO2 and water and chlorides. PVS-AD is also fully resistant to a range of injected chemicals – please consult RS Clare for specific technical information.

Product Selector

Product Temp Range Minimum Pumpable Temperature* Download TDS
Claretech PVS-AD
-10°F - 350°F

Using your existing Stick Hand Gun with Claretech PVS-AD

Filling Claretech PVS-AD from RS Clare cartridges using the EZ Loader system, complete with 3 adapter collars for different hand gun OEM thread forms.

Product Compatibility For Use With User Instructions
EZ Loeader
K or J Stick Hand Gun
RS Clare PVS-AD Cartridges

EZ Loader System

Download Our Oil & Gas Lubricants Brochure

Our range of advanced lubricants for the Oil and Gas industry have been proven to deliver increased valve integrity, enhanced functionality and a more cost effective operation for our customers around the globe.

Explore our full range of premium oil and gas lubricants and sealants in our Oil and Gas brochure.




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