Claretech HFL valve lubricant is specifically designed to offer greater water resistance and valve cavity retention in high water cut wells and water injector wells than conventional valve greases. 

Typically, in these applications operators often face the challenge of high-pressure flows washing grease out of the valve cavity. RS Clare’s water resistant valve grease Claretech HFL is an innovative solution developed for use in applications wherever there is high water content. It is formulated to stay in the valve cavity even at high pressures and high water flow rates, delivering consistent performance and reliable protection for valve components to maintain valve integrity. 

Water Thickening Technology

Claretech HFL is the only valve grease on the market that features water thickening technology. Most valve greases when mixed with water will dilute and become thinner, resulting in the grease far too easily being displaced from the valve cavity, leaving the valve internal components unprotected. Claretech HFL contains unique chemistry so that it actually thickens slightly when mixed with water. This greatly improves its adhesive and cohesive properties and therefore its valve cavity retention, making it ideal for high water content applications.

Features and Benefits


“We have trialled your Claretech HFL grease in our high water content wells and found the product is highly effective, staying perfectly in place within the valves.”

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Claretech HFL

-10°F to 350°F

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Ready to Reduce Non-Productive Time?

Claretech HFL is a preventative maintenance tool specifically designed to protect your valves from the damage caused by high water content. 

It does not wash out of the valve cavity, remaining in place for lasting protection to reduce the need for non-production time to carry out corrective maintenance. 

Contact us to discuss your operational challenges and arrange a field trial.

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Claretech HFL Water Thickening Technology Explained for Water Resistant Gate Valve Lubricant
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