A non-hazardous, non-corrosive synthetic cleaning fluid to remove hydrocarbon resistant lubricants from the valve cavity. 

Claretech SafeClean has been formulated to have a high flash point to minimise the risk of fire, and a mild odour when compared to other valve cleaners. It is also readily biodegradable as per OECD 301B, and it does not compromise on performance.

Claretech SafeClean Applications:‚Äč

Step by Step Guidance:
Flushing a Xmas Tree Gate Valve with Valve Cleaner

The Valve Cleaner Pump Package heavy duty manual bucket pump solution has been designed for oils and fluids and is ideal for injecting Claretech SafeClean Valve Cleaner up to 5K psi. The system‚Äôs reservoir capacity can hold approximately 15 litres of valve cleaner and the pump package comes complete with a range of accessories, including: 

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Our range of advanced lubricants for the Oil and Gas industry have been proven to deliver increased valve integrity, enhanced functionality and a more cost effective operation for our customers around the globe.

Explore our full range of premium oil and gas lubricants and sealants in our Oil and Gas brochure.

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