Valve Cleaners require special formulation to be effective in removing hydrocarbon and chemical resistant lubricants from the valve cavity. Our Valve Lubricants are so effective is because they are resistant to hydrocarbons and other chemicals, but this makes cleaning the valve all the more difficult as the lubricant’s primary job is to remain in the valve cavity. That is why we have developed our own range of Valve Cleaners.

Preventative Maintenance Formulated to Remove Hydrocarbon Resistant Lubricants

Our valve cleaners are synthetic cleaning fluids and are specially formulated to remove hydrocarbon resistant lubricants during valve repair and refurbishment, or to flush the valve during in-situ maintenance.

A non-hazardous, non-corrosive, biodegradable synthetic cleaning fluid to remove hydrocarbon resistant lubricants from the valve cavity.

This synthetic cleaning fluid to remove hydrocarbon resistant lubricants or flush the valve during valve maintenance.


Valve Cavity Flushing (if applicable):

Flushing is not required on every valve greasing job. A decision should be made for each valve, including some of the following considerations:

Valve Cavity Flushing (if applicable):

1. Remove the protective safety cap from the Grease Injection Fitting located on the gate valve bonnet (refer to manual).

2. Connect the high-pressure flush fluid bucket pump to the grease injection fitting on the valve bonnet.

3. Inject the RS Clare ‘601 Cleaner‘ or ‘Claretech SafeClean‘ fluid and cycle the valve one time. Check that the valve can move from fully open to fully closed position
    by counting the number of turns, as specified in the valve OEM manual.

4. The aim is to try and mix the incoming cleaner fluid with the old grease in the cavity as best as possible. Therefore, continue to cycle the valve whilst further cleaner
    fluid is injected.

5. Finally return the valve to the closed position and continue injecting cleaning fluid until either the hose end pressure gauge is at a maximum reading and holds
    there, or the full cavity volume has already been pumped into the valve. Stop pumping.

6. Leave the cleaner fluid for at least 20 minutes, possibly up to 1 hour in the cavity to soak.

7. Cycle the valve a number of times during the soak period to optimise mixing and grease breakdown.

8. To displace the cleaner fluid from the cavity, either:

    a) Cycle the valve under differential pressure to blow out the cleaner fluid / spent grease.

    b) Inject hydraulic oil or inhibited water, using the same bucket pump, and cycle the valve to flush out the cleaner fluid / spent grease.

    c) Repeat the process as necessary until the valve cavity is considered to be clear.

For closed valve with full pressure acting (such as LMV), inject 601 Cleaner and hydraulic oil without cycling the valve.

The cleaner fluid will dissolve Valve Lubricant 601TM and Valve Sealant 701. It is imperative to ensure there is no cleaner fluid left in the valve when Valve Lubricant 601TM or Valve Sealant 701 is injected after the flushing job. Otherwise, the fresh Valve Lubricant 601TM / Valve Sealant 701 will be compromised and will not provide their full performance benefits to the valve.

Once Valve Lubricant 601TM and Valve Sealant 701 has been established in the valve cavity, there is normally no requirement to flush the valve cavity before injecting more 601 or 701 at a later time. We suggest flushing is only required if there has been a lot of sand production, or if 28% HCI acid has been injected through the tree. 

The Valve Cleaner Pump Package heavy duty manual bucket pump solution has been designed for oils and fluids and is ideal for injecting Claretech SafeClean Valve Cleaner up to 5K psi. The system’s reservoir capacity can hold approximately 15 litres of valve cleaner and the pump package comes complete with a range of accessories, including: 

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Our range of advanced lubricants for the Oil and Gas industry have been proven to deliver increased valve integrity, enhanced functionality and a more cost effective operation for our customers around the globe.

Explore our full range of premium oil and gas lubricants and sealants in our Oil and Gas brochure.

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