Severe service conditions are generated when the reservoir produces high levels of H2S and CO2 in the gas phase, and high chloride levels in water in the liquid phase. The chemicals can be very damaging to some valve lubricant and sealant formulations, which can cause the viscosity structure of the product to breakdown, or the product to change state from semi-solid to solid or fluid. RS Clare’s premium lubricants and sealants are formulated and tested to withstand extremely high levels of these severe produced chemicals. Chemical testing is conducted at pressures and temperatures representative of actual well environments. Alongside chemical stability, physical stability of the lubricant/sealant at high temperature and pressure is important. The RS Clare range has been evaluated to be stable at sustained temperatures up to 450°F, and has been field proven in wellhead valves with less than 10,000 psi Shut In Tubing Head Pressure.

Product Ranges

RS Clare Valve Lubricants for Gate Valve Maintenance
Standardise on one gate valve lubricant. Our Valve Lubricant 601TM fully hydrocarbon resistant valve grease, approved by 6 major OEMs including Cameron, McEvoy and NOV’s valve equipment brands. Valve Lubricant 601TM holds the most approvals for any single product grade in the market, with some OEMs exclusively approving 601 for use in their gate valves.
RS Clare Valve Sealants for Gate Valve Maintenance
The Valve Sealant 701 range was designed to further expand on the sealing performance that had been achieved with Valve Lubricant 601TM. Our non-hardening sealants provide temporary emergency repair to damaged valves so that operations can continue until replacement and maintenance can be scheduled.
RS Clare High-Performance Valve Lubricants

Our valve lubricants are effective  because they are resistant to hydrocarbons and other chemicals, which makes cleaning the valve all the more difficult as it’s primary job is to remain in the valve cavity. 

We offer a range of synthetic cleaning fluids specially formulated to remove hydrocarbon resistant lubricants.

RS Clare Pump Equipment for Gate Valve Maintenance

Working with our partners we have developed a streamlined range of high pressure pump equipment suited to handling our heavy duty valve lubricants and sealants.

The range includes heavy duty pump systems, manual bucket pumps, a high pressure hand gun and a pump package specifically for valve cleaning fluids.



Claretech STL is a specially developed high temperature valve grease for steam injection and geothermal production wellhead gate valves used in steam and geothermal service operations, where the equipment is rated to operating temperatures up to 650°F/343°C, particularly where high temperature, crude oil, natural gas, steam, acids, sand slurries and difficult condensates are encountered. 

Download Our Oil & Gas Lubricants Brochure

Our range of advanced lubricants for the Oil and Gas industry have been proven to deliver increased valve integrity, enhanced functionality and a more cost effective operation for our customers around the globe.

Explore our full range of premium oil and gas lubricants and sealants in our Oil and Gas brochure.

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