The pressure control package on a drilling rig includes the BOP and Choke and Kill Manifold. Gate Valves are installed on both of these pieces of equipment, and their functional performance and sealing integrity is critical during the drilling program. If excessive pressure needs to be choked from the well, or if the well needs to be killed and shut in, the performance of the gate valve is paramount. A significant focus should be placed on not only a complete preventative maintenance program, but also on the performance of the grease being injected into the valve. After the maintenance job, the grease must remain effectively in the valve cavity during the drilling job, and continue to protect the valve at all times, until the next planned maintenance interval.

The standpipe manifold is part of the mud line system, and is also exposed to high pressures. There are multiple gate valves on this manifold and the same focused maintenance regime should be applied, utilising a high performance valve lubricant, like Valve Lubricant 601TM.

Well Completion

During well completion, fluids are present in the well column when installing the Xmas Tree. These completion fluids are then back-flowed through the tree. It is important to ensure the valve lubricant used in the new tree valves is resistant to the completion fluids and not washed out or degraded during backflow. RS Clare valve lubricants are fully resistant to most completion fluid types, and further testing can be done upon request.

The Valve Lubricant 601TM range is one of the Industry’s most successful and most widely used gate valve lubricant ranges. It was designed to provide exceptional performance across the widest range of well operating conditions, processes and equipment applications, particularly drilling and completions.

The sealing performance of the gate valve relies heavily upon the condition of the gate and seat sealing surfaces. An effective Valve Lubricant also has the ability to provide sealing enhance to seal surfaces with minor damage (light scoring and galling), RS Clare’s Valve Lubricants have a well proven track record in this area.

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