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Manufacturing Private Label Greases for Global Oil Companies Since 1925

Branding RS Clare lubricants in your company’s livery offers distinct commercial advantages. By complementing existing products in your range, you’re able to become a single source of purchase for your customers. In turn, each purchase reinforces brand awareness and helps build longer lasting relationships with customers. This leads to increased market share with wider recognition increasing the chance of first time purchase from new customers.

By partnering with RS Clare, you not only get a first class lubricant that will encourage repeat purchase, you also get expert help at every stage of the process. From product packaging to distribution and marketing, we’re here to provide all the support you need and make your new line a valuable addition to your existing range.

Our Future - New Factory Development

As part of our ongoing site development and following the construction of a new finished goods warehouse in 2013, a new factory building has been constructed on the RS Clare site. The new building will enable the construction of a new grease plant which will increase RS Clare’s manufacturing capability and flexibility. A phased programme for new plant and equipment is now commencing.

Our production facilities currently include:


As the UKs longest established grease manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art-products to meet every industrial need. With our head office and production facilities based on the same Liverpool site, we are able to offer a streamlined service. Continuous investment in our plant means our products always meet market requirements. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for then please get in touch and we will work together to develop a solution.

Product Selector

Product Application Features & Benefits Typical Drop Point °C NLGI Grade Performance Additive Package Information

Lithium Greases

Multi-purpose bearing grease meeting the vast majority of automotive and industrial demands.

*Combine good mechanical stability with excellent performance at high temperatures. *For heavy-load conditions there are EP additive packages available for enhanced performance.


000,00,0,1,2 and 3


Lithium Complex Greases

High performance general purpose grease, especially where there are intermittent high temperature fluctuations.

*Enhanced mechanical stability, water resistance and oil separation. *Available with both mineral or synthetic base oils.


1,2 and 3


Calcium (Cup) Grease

General purpose, low-load.

*Buttery consistency. *Water resistant. *maximum operating temperatures between 60 and 800C.


000,00,0,1,2 and 3


Anhydrous Calcium Grease

Particularly suitable for marine applications.

*Excellent water resistance and shear stability.


000,00,0,1,2 and 3


Bentone Greases

For industrial machinery and low speed bearings operating under heavy load and at very high temperatures.

*Non-melting clay thickener, excellent resistance to changes in consistency at high temperatures. *Excellent mechanical and storage stability.


1,2 and 3


Calcium Sulfonate Greases

Ideal for high temperature applications and marine applications.

*Unique thickener system has inherently high EP properties. *Exceptional water and corrosion resistance. *Available with both mineral or synthetic base oils.


000,00,0,1,2 and 3


Speciality Greases

In cases where there are material compatibility issues, such as with elastomer seals.

*Inert greases. *Non-melting. *Range of thickeners available to enhance performance.


1,2 and 3

1,2 and 3

Investing in Innovation

The completion of our new  £1.6m Technical Centre will help RS Clare continue its commitment to innovation through enhanced testing and R&D capacity.

As the company continues to explore new ways of improving services and products to respond to changing customer needs, the Technical Centre will be our innovation hub, home to our growing technical teams. This new facility will enable us to continue furthering our innovation agenda on a larger scale, thanks to increased capacity and improved research facilities. 




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