RS Clare Proudly Shares the Vision of the Ground-Breaking Glasgow Climate Pact.

COP26 at a Glance

Three Key Takeaways

“We must now move forward together and deliver on the expectations set out in the Glasgow Climate Pact. It is up to all of us to sustain our lodestar of keeping 1.5 degrees within reach and to continue our efforts to get finance flowing and boost adaptation. After the collective dedication which has delivered the Glasgow Climate Pact, our work here cannot be wasted” 

Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP

Our Internal Sustainability

The COP 26 Climate Agreement is a vast project on a global scale, but none of their ambitious aims can be achieved without action on a local level. That is why we believe it is key to promote a culture of green responsibility and sustainability within the company. Here is a guide to RS Clare’s position on each of the key takeaways: 

Net Zero:

We have been awarded the SSE Green Certificate to acknowledge our use of renewable energy onsite.

Our Stanhope Street building is 100% powered by electricity generated by wind and hydro assets matched to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) enabling zero emission reporting.

We have also fitted solar panels on our roof, and a building management system has been installed in our new £1.6m technical centre to improve how it uses energy. Controlled by two computers, a heat recovery system is in place to reduce emissions and recycle heat..

Reducing Vehicle Emissions:

In line with our sustainability goals, we are proud to have commissioned our first electrical vehicle parking bays and charging stations at our head office car park in Liverpool.

 these charging stations offer our staff and visiting customers a sustainable and convenient fast charging option and we hope they will help and encourage more of our staff to move to electric vehicles in the future.

To coincide with the electric vehicle charging bays, we have also set up a cycle to work scheme. This enables less traffic, C02 emissions and carbon footprint from our staff, and promotes healthy living in the workforce.

Fighting Deforestation and Reducing our Carbon Footprint:

To coincide with our other green achievements, RS Clare has invested heavily in purchasing thousands of trees to offset our carbon footprint and promote re-forestation. 

We are committed to planting 10,000 trees by 2022 and believe it is the social responsibility of any company, particularly one which works in Oil & Gas industries, to reinvest money into a healthy ecosystem. 


Creating Global Sustainability

Environmental Awareness: 

All our products are designed to improve the output and reduce costs for our clients, but we also do this with careful attention paid to how our products affect their environment. This environmental awareness is also reflected by our clients. 

To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, we meet the exacting demands of some of the world’s most stringent eco-certifications. In the United States, this means complying with the Environmentally Safe Lubricants Scheme, part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s legislation. 

In Europe, we’re the proud bearers of the European Ecolabel badge. Each recognises in different ways the biodegradable and non-bio accumulative elements in our lubricants which reduce impact on the aquatic environment and soil during use.

Moving Forward with COP26

It has been a month since the COP26 agreement was signed, and now that the delegates have returned home, the real work begins. We are enthusiastic about the targets set and the goals agreed, but are cautious that this won’t be a linear path, or an easy fix. 

We look forward to understanding more how governments and corporations plan to achieve their ambitious aims, and hope to work with new and existing clients in helping to achieve them. It will be particularly promising to see their visions of global investment in green infrastructure for developing economies unfold, as well as plans for retrofitting older services that are no longer fit for purpose.  

As seen by our internal sustainability projects, we know that companies must think outside the box to reduce emissions, and create environmentally sustainable infrastructure. We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking, technically innovative market leader with a focus on solving critical problems for our customers, and although we don’t yet know what problems may arise in the future, we know that we are well-equipped to face them. 

If you would like to learn more about how RS Clare could help with your sustainability targets, protect your assets to control costs and extend the life of your critical operating equipment, then please contact us today for more information.



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