At RS Clare, we are committed to continually enhancing processes around the consumption and production of materials to ensure we are doing what we can to work as sustainably as possible across our supply chain.

As a manufacturer we feel a responsibility to ensure we are doing it with minimal impact to the environment, and all of our processes are aligned to ensure our emissions, consumption and waste are as low as possible.

What is the Responsible Consumption and Production Goal?

Consumption and production drives the global economy and there is a responsibility on many companies to treat resources with care by adopting more energy efficient and sustainable practices.

By using materials more efficiently, resources from our natural environment can be better maintained. We also aim to integrate sustainability information into reporting cycles to enhance how resources are used. Our ultimate aim is to use these materials more efficiently without compromising on quality or safety.

How our Business Works to Achieve this Goal

We are committed to responsible consumption and production, setting out to achieve this through our:

Powered by 100% Renewable Electricity

We are powered by electricity generated by wind and hydro assets matched to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) enabling zero emission reporting.

Enhanced Facilities

We have installed a rainwater harvesting system to enable the collection and use of water from the new and existing factory and office roofs. This will help reduce the need to use water from the town’s supply. 

We have also enhanced our wall and ceiling insulation, draw heat for the site from a ground source heat pump to keep the facilities warm and have installed 78 solar PV panels.

Waste Management

We have enhanced our waste management system by reformulating high volume products. We can eliminate the use of any hazardous chemical additives, but retain high quality and performance for our customers. 

We are now some way towards the elimination of 22mT of hazardous substances from our manufacturing process. This equates to 2,500 drums/year of hazardous product consumed and the avoidance of 2,500 drums of hazardous waste for reprocessing.

Environmental Employee Training and Competency

Environmental and sustainability themes are now included in our core competency framework for staff as part of our strategy to embed greener behaviours within our workforce. Each employee receives two full training days per year on sustainability themes. 

Reduction and Recycling of Spent Plastics

In 2020 we stepped up our recycling programme to increase our waste plastic recycled by some 50mT.

Employee projects have also delivered a reduction in plastic usage of 400kg for a single product line.

Greater use of Biodegradable Cleaners and Degreasers

In 2020 we switched from a hazardous cleaning medium to a non-hazardous biodegradable cleaning medium and avoided hazardous waste to the environment.


Find out more about how our sustainability practices can benefit our customers within the supply chain.


Sustainable Cities and Communities

Life Below Water



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