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At RS Clare, many of the products we supply are either used in marine applications or are used in total loss systems such as rail track lubrication and therefore can end up in the environment and ultimately in the water table. It’s for this reason that we strive to ensure our products are biodegradable, minimally toxic and are non-bio accumulative where ever possible while continuing to effectively protect equipment used in the sensitive marine environment.

What is the Life Below Water Goal?

The sustainable use of our oceans, seas and any marine resources is essential for our existence on the planet and an ecosystem the UN’s SDGs are concerned to preserve. This goal aims to reduce the amount of pollution and preserve life within these marine ecosystems.

How our Business Works to Achieve this Goal

The regulatory framework surrounding the marine industry is constantly evolving and we strive to ensure we are compliant with this while doing what we can to work sustainably. Many of our products have been specifically designed so they are less harmful to the marine environment across a range of applications. 

Our EcoCurve Products

Any curved rail grease will end up in the waterways of an environment once it is washed off the track. This means utilising a product that is low in aquatic toxicity is important if you are to avoid damaging the surroundings. Our range of EcoCurve products are designed to not contaminate the water table by being biodegradable, non bio-accumulative and non-toxic. 

Our Oil and Gas Wireline Products

Our V-Series wireline fluids offer great sealing performance and resistance to corrosion. Our V-500 is HOCNF certified Yellow Category fluid so it conforms to requirements for biodegradability and passes the biotoxicity test. Our V300RLWI is also a HOCNF certified Yellow Category fluid.

Consolidated Shipping of Goods

We have refined our supply chain to ensure the shipping of goods and materials has been consolidated. This is to reduce our overall emissions and environmental impact. 

The VGP Compliant BioMarine Range

Our Biomarine range of greases and lubricants have been recognised by regulators for their environmentally-friendly qualities. The inherent environmental properties of these products allow them to exceed the EPA’s requirements so they are compliant with The Vessel General Permit Regulation 2013. This means they contain at least 75% readily biodegradable components and meet aquatic toxicity EC50 levels of at least 1000mg/l.

Our future projects include enhancing our sustainability work with ambitious targets around the reduction of thermoplastic waste to landfill (10%) and reduction of waste residues to landfill (exploratory phase). These projects are driven by employees through strategy deployment.


Learn more about our different eco-credentials, product ranges and how they benefit the environment.


Find out more about our corporate responsibility commitments and the charitable organisations we support.


Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable Cities and Communities



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