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VGP BioMarine Range

High performance grease that doesn’t cost the earth

Ecolabel_logo_v511RS Clare has developed a unique grease thickener technology to create unparalleled levels of performance and stability. The inherent environmental properties of our new BioMarine range allow the greases to exceed the EPA’s requirements meaning they are VGP Compliant.

The range has also been granted the EU Ecolabel, “The Official EU Mark for Greener Products”, guaranteeing the lowest level of impact on the environment whilst maintaining high technical performance.

The range, including Multi Purpose, Extreme Pressure and Sprayable greases, offers:

  • Measurably higher stability across a wide temperature range versus traditional greases. This leads to consistency across all seasons and climates eliminating the need to change grease grades as conditions change
  • 75% to >90% renewable content, reducing carbon footprint and increasing sustainability
  • No potentially eco-toxic additives which might leach out over time and concentrate in the environment
  • Good inherent EP – there is no risk of incompatibilities and no compromise between EP and other performance properties
  • Excellent inherent anti-wear

The Vessel General Permit Regulation 2013 mandates the use of an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) for many applications, primarily where discharge to or contact with seawater is likely. The EPA defines an EAL as not being sheen forming; containing at least 75% readily biodegradable components, with the remainder being non bio-accumulative; and meeting aquatic toxicity EC50 levels of at least 1000mg/l, tested against algae, arthropods and fish. The BioMarine grease formulations have been assessed according to test methods OECD301B, OECD201, OECD202 and OECD203, and we therefore certify that they are EALs.

Case Study

PRODUCT Application Temperature Range DOWNLOAD TDS
BioMarine MP Multi-purpose -40°C to 120°C Click to download
BioMarine EP High load bearing -40°C to 120°C Click to download
BioMarine SP Multi-purpose sprayable -50° to 80°C Click to download


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