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Thermoplastic Road Markings

Thermoplastic Road Markings

RS Clare developed the first true thermoplastic road marking material back in the 1930s and continues to manufacture a full range of products to this day. Our sister company, Wilson & Scott, applies over 20 million metres of lines per year throughout the UK to highways, cycle and bus lanes, car parks, footpaths, airfields, playgrounds and industrial estates.

At the forefront of road safety, our objective is to supply quality products that reduce the number of accidents on our highways. We supply thermoplastic products to European standards EN 1436, 1871 and 1824 and to customer-specific requirements for a full range of screed, extrusion and spray applications, including the latest generation of heavy metal free pigments and very high performance/enhanced durability road markings. We have great experience in producing road marking products that perform well in the vast range of different global climates. 

  • 'Business of the Year' success for our sister company Wilson & Scott
    'Business of the Year' success for our sister company Wilson & Scott READ MORE
  • 'Business of the Year' success for our sister company Wilson & Scott
    'Business of the Year' success for our sister company Wilson & Scott READ MORE
  • Lionsgate Bridge Vancouver, Canada

    In 2001 the main deck of this iconic landmark bridge was replaced in part the sidewalks were inadequate for pedestrians and cyclists. To prevent interruption to daytime traffic, work was carried out during nighttime and weekend closures – fast curing surfacing products were key. The two pedestrian walkways were moved to the outside of the structure and the road lanes were accordingly widened. Bimagrip was used to coat the pedestrian walkways and cycle paths, making them measurably safer and protected well into the future.

  • Flyovers Panama City

    Bimagrip has been applied to over 17,000 m² of flyovers in this Central American capital city.

  • Tsing Yi MTR Station Hong Kong

    Bimagrip was applied to a large multi-storey carpark ramp in 1995. Since application and with over 2 decades of heavy car traffic, the entire 5000m² surface is performing well with high levels of skid resistance retained.

  • Congress Parkway Bridge on US Interstate 290 Downtown Chicago

    Bimagrip was applied in 2011 to this heavily trafficked bascule bridge. Measurements taken recently still show excellent skid resistance.

  • Floating Steel Bridge Ndama Ranch, Kenya
  • Athletes Bridge London Olympic Village
  • Steel Decked Bridge Port of Liverpool

    Bimagrip was applied in June 2007 and despite regular traffic of very heavy trucks, trailers and cars, the surface is still performing well with high skid resistance and minimal wear.

  • Rockerfeller Centre and other skyscrapers New York

    This innovative application of Bimagrip was necessary because the tractors moving the window cleaning boom mechanisms were damaging the roof membranes. Bimagrip provided the perfect safe antiskid surfacing, and since it is a fully impervious system, the substrate is protected and longevity increased.

  • Cycle paths Quebec, Canada

    Pont Noir.

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