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Switchplate Lubrication

Bioglide - clean, biodegradable and long lasting

Maintaining smooth switch performance is key to the safe and efficient operation of any rail system. High frequency use, coupled with wear and tear caused by mechanical movement, means that switchplates need specialist lubrication.

Already delivering outstanding results in the UK and elsewhere around the world, new Claretech Bioglide is the choice for any operator who wants performance and environmental protection. Proven to be the most economical and environmentally friendly method of ensuring switches are lubricated to move freely with minimum power requirements, Bioglide also provides a water resistant barrier to protect the slide chairs from corrosion.

Naturally, with RS Clare, eco-performance is always front of mind. Unique grease technology means exceptional mechanical performance with no threat to the surrounding sub-soil and water courses. A high percentage of renewable content reduces carbon footprint and enhances sustainability.

Fast and easy to use by brush or by spray application, Bioglide has been proven to extend re-lubrication intervals from 3 to 6 weeks depending on traffic. By reducing the amount of product needed and the number of applications required each year, costs are significantly reduced to deliver repeat and long term savings.

In addition, Switchplate Lubricant from RS Clare delivers optimum performance in even the most extreme conditions. Formulated using thixotropic thickener, this long lasting grease guards against water, ice and corrosion over extended periods of time. A durable film of lubrication eliminates wear to prolong switchplate life.

Bioglide is much easier to apply and cleaner than traditional messy, black slidechair lubricants. Cleaner chairs and cleaner environment.

Case Study

Product European Ecolabel TDS
Claretech Bioglide Yes Click to download
Switchplate Lubricant No Click to download


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