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Marine lubricants

VGP Marine Greases

Marine equipment is subjected to an extreme environment where the highly corrosive salty atmosphere can be compounded by severe variations in temperature. Moving parts can often be in the splash-zone and operating with heavy loading. Lubricants used in such conditions need to be designed to protect equipment with all these factors in mind. Furthermore, fleet and vessel operators and owners need to ensure compliance with the marine industry’s evolving environmental regulations.

RS Clare now offers a world class range of innovative greases, which are classed as Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants. The BioMarine range is VGP (Vessel General Permit) compliant and carries the European Ecolabel, meaning there is minimal impact on the sensitive marine environment, but without comprimising performance.

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Bimagrip Anti-Skid Surfacing

Safety and efficiency are of paramount importance during marine cargo handling operations. Bimagrip is the world leading safe surfacing solution for the ramps of PCTCs (PureCar/Truck Carriers) and RoRo (Roll-On/Roll-Off) vessels. Considered by many ship owners and port managers to be the best alternative to traditional welded bar systems, Bimagrip provides the safest, most efficient solution for loading and discharging vehicles, even in wet conditions.

Application in the new build sector was established in the late 1990s after the system was trialled by Wallenius Lines. Since then this superior skid resistant surfacing has been applied to the ramps of over 250 PCTC vessels.  We are proud to be able to name many major owners and operators in the list of Bimagrip customers - including Hoegh, AP Moller, Ray Shipping and Gram Car Carriers.

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