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Innovation is at the centre of all we do. We have had to innovate to survive, just as we have had to be agile. RS Clare has changed fundamentally ten times in its life so far and is now doing so again. Having several solid legs to a stool is vital if we are to survive. We are developing renewable Ecolabel greases which are safe to all marine life, rail greases which massively extend the life of rail tracks but don’t pollute the ground, valve sealants which protect the integrity of Oil & Gas assets used in the most extreme conditions and antiskid surfaces throughout the world which improve safety and reduce loss of life.

We now have one of the industry’s largest technical teams focussed on grease R&D, with a combined 215 years’ experience in lubricant chemistry. We have long history of developing products specific to the challenges faced by our customers. If you have a problem that needs solving, our team are ready for the challenge. Contact us to discuss.

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