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Industrial Plants

Bimagrip antiskid systems are suitable for all areas where safety is key and where there is a desire to reduce operational maintenance costs. To reduce the risk of accidents in areas such as pedestrian walkways, foot bridges, fork lift truck ramps and road crossings, consider applying Bimagrip. Since this surface can be trafficked just two hours after application, down time is minimal and there will be very little impact on operations.

Once applied, the surface is fully encapsulated and will never degrade when contaminated by chemicals such as petrol, diesel, engine oil and salt. Moreover, the surface is measurably safer, with skid resistance values of over 90 even 15 years after initial application. Sites are available for viewing globally where Bimagrip is still performing exceptionally after nearly two decades.

Contact us to enquire about applying a surface coating system that will result in measurably higher slip-resistance and a safer working environment in your plant.

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