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High performance speciality marine greases

RS Clare offers a full range of marine greases that give ship owners and offshore operators lifetime cost savings, in terms of reduced equipment downtime, longer re-lubrication intervals and trouble-free operation.

All the products offer enhanced protection against corrosion and wear, which is vital in tough marine conditions.

Click here to view our European EcoLabel BioMarine grease range.

The latest additive technologies provide optimum equipment performance and resistance to:

  • Salt water
  • Humidity
  • Dust
  • Wide temperature variations
  • High shock loads and vibrations
Case Study

Clareguard GRL Wire ropes Click to download
Waterguard (SW2-LF) A variety of applications where water wash off or salt water corrosion is an issue - e.g. wire ropes in submerged conditions, rolling elements & plain bearings, open gears, threaded spindles & sliding mechanisms Click to download
Open Gear 2000 Open gear applications e.g. crane hoist gears Click to download
BRB LEM Suitable for bearings operating at moderate to high speed Click to download
High Load Anti-friction and plain bearings of moderate speed and especially large diameter slow speed bearings. Also for use in slew rings, pins, bushes, trunnions, levers and oscillating equipment, pulleys, couplings and wheel bearings Click to download


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