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Fishplate Lubrication

Also known as a splice bar or joint bar, fishplates are the metal bars connecting two pieces of rail. As such, they play a crucial role in the construction of many rail networks, making their effective maintenance absolutely essential when it comes to performance and safety.

The main reason for lubrication is to allow for the seasonal expansion and contraction of the rails due to varying temperatures throughout the year. The fishplate joint allows the two pieces of track to move slightly to accommodate some of this shrinkage and expansion. If not sufficiently lubricated, track buckling can occur, leading to serious safety risks.

All Seasons P Way Lubricant from RS Clare is formulated especially for fishplates. Long lasting and highly water repellent, this high performance grease offers superior corrosion protection, making it ideal for fishplate application. It is proven for more than 20 years to provide long life lubrication, simple to apply by hand operated pressure spray unit and typically lasts 2 years or more before re-application.

All-Seasons P-way is a very cost effective maintenance solution that contributes to safety on the railways.

Approved by Rail Operators in the UK, a safety critical lubricant to reduce rail buckling.

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