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Equipment and Cleaners

To help you get the best possible results from our range of advanced formula lubricants, RS Clare also supplies a comprehensive range of equipment and supporting products.

To deliver optimum application time after time, each and every piece of kit has also been designed to be both economic and time saving. By reducing both product use and man-hours, RS Clare equipment is an investment that delivers ongoing savings,

Easy-to-use and extremely effective, our equipment ensures that you get maximum value from every product application.


Product Description Network Rail Catalogue No. London Underground Catologue No TDS
Claretech Bio Degreaser  Readily BIODEGRADABLE, water-soluble DEGREASER.  Ideal for trackside maintenance 0007/025074 17311/162 Click to download
P80 CL High quality CLAMPLOCK lubricant - contains solid lubricant and extreme pressure additives together with a highly effective corrosion inhibitor package 027/025057 17646/151 Click to download
Compression Spray Unit  Backpack applicator for sprayable products, e.g.  All Seasons P-Way: 'fan' spray head, all plastic 'safe' lance, 10 litre capacity 0039/067145 17646/170 Click to download
Switchblade Wear Protection Kit Enhances life expectancy of switchblades subject to excessive wear.  Equipped with 2 Jumbo-Lubers 0057/051177   Click to download
Jumbo Luber  Easy to fit auto - dispense grease canister.  Replacement part for Switchblade Wear Protection Kit and Check Rail Noise Reduction Kit

(High Load 1)

(Claretech Supreme)



(Metro Biogrease)


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