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Our Commitment to The Environment

RS Clare takes a proactive approach to environmental improvement and operates under the BSI certified Environment Management System to ISO14001.

For our major blue chip customers, adherence to sustainable practices is an essential tool for business continuity. Their strategic focus on environmental responsibility is reflected in RS Clare’s practices.

Our products are developed with and for our customers enabling them to save on long-term operational costs, which in turn reduces their carbon footprint. For example our Bimagrip system is designed as a one-time application, lasting for the life of the ship, road or bridge on which it is applied and our rail lubricants extend the life of rails, reducing the need for re-railing thus resulting in less steel production. Our flagship oil and gas grease range is field proven to seal leaking valves on wellhead equipment, reducing the impact on the environment of the field operations across more than 40 countries where our products have been adopted.

The following highlights more about our approach to environmentally sustainable lubrication practice but also how our manufacturing operation is being revolutionised with a new factory build incorporating new technology to make us a truly sustainable business.

Our Products

Oil & Gas

RS Clare is always conscious of the effects its products may have on the environment. In the offshore Oil & Gas sector, Norway has the most stringent environmental regulations globally. When developing new products for oil service companies, if there is a risk of exposure to the environment, we ensure we can meet these high demands. We have developed a range of Wireline sealing fluids from fully synthetic materials that are non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative in the marine environment.


With a key area of business being greases for marine applications, we ensure that we are fully up to speed with the changing environmental regulations within this sector. The USA is leading the way with its introduction of rules that require all lubricants used on all vessels to be listed as environmentally acceptable (EALs). The Environment Protection Agency is ensuring the lubricants are biodegradable, minimally toxic and not bio-accumulative and RS Clare has recently launched our innovative new range of products that meet these stringent conditions. Our BioMarine range is European Ecolabel certified.


In the Rail Industry, the use of environmentally friendly products is becoming more and more high profile. Our leading curved rail grease has a much higher level of biodegradability than the industry specifies, whilst the excellent performance levels are maintained. We see this as vital, since any grease applied to the rail inevitably finds its way into the soil and water courses. We are the dominant supplier of this type of grease in the UK sector, with all of Network Rail and London Underground’s demand supplied by us.

Our ongoing strong innovation focus has resulted in the development of a new unique system that uses renewable resources to thicken the grease resulting in zero impact on the environment, taking the customer solution to another level. Our EcoCurve range is European Ecolabel certified.

The New Build

RS Clare has recently completed a substantial capital investment in a purpose built factory and office suite integrated into our existing site on Stanhope Street Liverpool, where we have been manufacturing since the 1760s. This follows on from recent years of consistent delivery and achievement of environment goals including accreditation to ISO14001 and the installation of 78 Solar PV panels.

We designed the building to ensure RS Clare not only had impressive environmental credentials but the ability to maintain and sustain the business for many years to come. Formidable environmental features of the new build include:

  • Wall and ceiling insulation
  • Heating from a ground source heat pump (generating 50kW of heat energy)
  • Installation of a rainwater harvesting system which allows collection of and use of water from the new and existing factory and office roofs and reduces the need to use water from the town supply

We continually strive to implement sustainable environmental projects. Watch the video to look into our expansion projects and how we are incorporating environmentally sustainable practices into everything we do.

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