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Curved Rail Grease

For over 25 years, RS Clare has led the way in the manufacture of curved rail grease. As the UK’s leading supplier, we’re the partner of choice for Network Rail, London Underground and most of the country’s light rail networks. Now expanding into markets around the world, RS Clare is fast becoming the name most associated with advanced and effective curved rail protection.

The first to design a specialist solution to wear reduction at the wheel-rail interface, our range has grown to offer a comprehensive selection of highly advanced greases that work with all types of lubricator technology. Since the application of curved rail grease is a total loss system, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously, and have developed a range of biodegradable, non-toxic greases.

The key to outstanding grease performance is engineering it to the specific challenges that it will encounter in its application. Temperature range, humidity, environmental protection, load carrying requirement and maintenance intervals are all considered critical factors by our R&D team. Our focus now is to share our rail lubrication experience globally, solving problems with wear at the wheel-rail interface with expertly formulated products.


Rail protection that doesn’t cost the earth

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Product Description Download Tech data sheet
Claretech Supreme Non toxic, readily biodegradable curved rail grease for trackside lubricators, with excellent EP and Anti-Wear properties. Click here to download
Metro Bio-Grease Readily biodegradable, fire resistant, low toxicity curved rail grease, for use in Underground and Metro networks and tunnels. Click here to download
Rail King For use in trackside lubricators wherever there is a need for high performance and consistent delivery over a wide temperature range. Click here to download

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