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Bimagrip - Oil and Gas

RS Clare has accumulated vast levels of experience providing safe surfacing solutions in the marine industry and is now turning to the highly safety focussed O&G industry to share its expertise. Offshore rigs, platforms and FPSOs are wet, windy, muddy and oily environments causing slippery surfaces that are very hazardous for operators. On most areas of flat steel decking, all that is applied is anti-slip gritty paint, which needs annual maintenance and re-application.

However, Bimagrip can provide a life-of-asset replacement solution when applied in dry-dock or during initial build. Once surfaces are coated with this superior anti-skid system, the steel is fully encapsulated and protected from salt water corrosion and will never be degraded by hydrocarbon spillages.

Contact us to enquire about applying a surface coating system that will result in measurably higher slip-resistance and a safer working environment on your installation.

Floatel Superior
North Sea

Following a successful trial application, Bimagrip was proven to have significantly higher levels of slip resistance when compared to the conventional anti-slip paints. The owners of the Floatel Superior specified the product for several large areas of this offshore accommodation platform, currently on secondment to Statoil in the North Sea.

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