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Bimagrip - Antiskid Surfacing

When surface skidding, slipping or loss of traction are a threat to safety and performance, Bimagrip provides a durable and highly effective solution. Specially developed for its anti-skid properties, this hugely versatile application delivers unrivalled friction and grip across a wide range of substrates, reducing stopping distance by 30%.

Whether it’s on steel, concrete, asphalt or timber, Bimagrip is easy to lay, fast-setting and incredibly long lasting. Treated areas can be opened to traffic within two hours of application, minimising downtime and protecting underlying assets.

Whilst this versatile treatment is increasingly specified as part of new-builds, it can just as easily be used to upgrade existing surfaces. Which is why many RoRo vessels and Pure Car/Truck Carriers choose to apply Bimagrip on ramps over traditional square bar metal anti-skid systems.

Time and again experience has shown that even after decades of use, Bimagrip still performs at its best, without any maintenance required.  Whereas lower cost alternatives require frequent re-applications, Bimagrip keeps going - making it a proven cost-effective solution.

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