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The Bimagrip system is designed to allow for ease of application. Projects are completed on time and long-term performance is assured. We have our own Contracting Division (sister company - Wilson & Scott) who have been applying Bimagrip across many industries since the 1990s. We also have an approved applicator, Thortech Bridges & Marine who have extensive experience in applying Bimagrip on a wide range of structures – road bridges, rail bridge, footbridges, link spans and shipping. We have been working closely with Thortech Bridges & Marine during which time Bimagrip has been applied to the highest standards, offering safety benefits, low maintenance and long-term protection of the underlying asset. Alternatively, since the Bimagrip system is so straight forward to apply we can train your crew to apply this high-performance product themselves.

The coating system requires the following steps. These are all detailed in the approved application instructions document, which can be obtained by filling in the contact form below, or by speaking to a technical sales representative at RS Clare.

  1. Inspection of application area and materials
  2. Preparation of the surface
  3. Priming the surface
  4. Preparation of the Bimagrip system and its application
  5. Coating with aggregate
  6. Keeping a Daily Record Sheets

To insure the success of the Bimagrip Anti-Skid Surface System it is extremely important that procedures for the correct surface preparation and the application are closely followed. Contact us to find out more.


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